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Why Choose Brightwing Store Locator?

Compare us feature-for-feature and you'll see why Brightwing serves you better. We provide the best features and the easiest operation at the lowest cost. All of these features are included at no extra charge:

FeatureBrightwing Exclusive
Clickable Map Of Your Locations
30 Day Free Trial
Unlimited Free Data Uploads
Keyword Search For Specialized Locations
Immediate Updates From Your Web Browser
Unlimited Free Tech Support
Street Maps and Driving Directions Of Your Locations
No Extra Charge
No Software To Buy/Install
Most User-Friendly Service
Up-Front Pricing
No Need To Speak With A Representative
Search by Area Code
No Extra Charge
Maximum # Of Hits Allowed To Your Searcher
MB of Traffic Allowed

No Software To Install

Brightwing Store Locator is the easiest service to set up and maintain, period. Others present hurdles which we have already overcome. There are no complicated software programs or Perl Scripts for you to install and there is no need to learn complex programming languages. After signing up, all you do is answer a few questions, copy and paste a small piece of HTML into your page then begin to upload your data! The Brightwing Store Locator uses a friendly, uncomplicated browser interface for uploading your data to the internet. It also allows you to customize the interface that your customers use to search. You can connect your web site to our service even if your web host doesn't support any special services such as Front Page servers, CGI, PHP, SQL, or ASP. What are all those letters? Who cares? We handle the ugly stuff so you can concentrate on designing your web site and/or running your business.

Unlimited Free Data Uploads and Immediate Updates

Upload Screen shot With Brightwing, you can upload and update your data any time, instantly, at the push of a button from your browser. There is no waiting around for (and paying) someone else's staff to work on your location data, set up your searcher design, or create maps. Our maps are automatically generated! Because you maintain your searcher with a fully automated interface, every change you make is immediately made available online. This is true for any action (uploading your locations list, creating a map, designing the look of your search results page, etc).

Clickable Map Of Your Locations

USA & Canada Maps with dots After you upload your data, you can instantly create a clickable image map showing all of your locations. The map will automatically show the USA, Canada, or both, depending on where your locations are. Include the map on your search form (using the sample HTML we supply) and your customers can click on it to see your nearest locations. You can specify the colors and symbols used on the map, so it looks great on your page. With Brightwing's exclusive technology, you can immediately update your map any time you add or delete locations - cool! Of course, users can also type in their search request using the standard text input form.

Street Maps Of Your Locations

Manhattan Street Map with a star on it Your search results include links to street maps for all the locations listed. This ensures your users will know exactly how to get there. Additionally, your users can quickly get written directions ("Go left on Maple St, proceed for 1 mile...") from the street map page.

Keyword Search

If you supply a list of keywords for the "keywords" feature when customizing the locator for your site, the visitor can narrow their search to include only certain types of locations. If you omit this field, or the visitor leaves it blank, all locations will be included in the search. You can implement this field as a text box, pulldown list, radio buttons, or even as a hidden field (for example, to force the display of only locations which make sense from the part of the site your visitor was at). In the demo, some stores carry special products, and the user can focus the search on those stores.

We're Here When You Need Help Because We Care About Your Business

If you have problems or questions after reading the online documentation, please don't hesitate to e-mail us or call us with questions, problems, suggestions or comments. There is no charge for Tech Support. We will make our service work for you, period. We are always striving to stay ahead of the pack, so feel free to make suggestions for improvements to our services. Info on how to obtain support is on our Support page.

Up-Front Pricing

Many companies offer services that appear to be good at first, but when you look on the site for their rates, all you find is "Write us and we'll give you a quote after we learn more about your business." We feel this is very unfair to you, not only because it is inconvenient to lack one of the most important pieces of information when shopping for a service on the internet, but it also makes you wonder "What are they hiding? Why can't they show a price list which applies to many different situations?" We show you clear pricing on our "How Much Does It Cost?" page. This way, your business can comparison shop, armed with accurate information. We always strive to keep our prices lower than the competition for equal levels of service. With us, you don't pay for space you don't use: you pay for only what you use, and no more (you are automatically charged less if you delete locations).

Reliable Linux Server

Our server is a true Linux/Apache server, the system recognized worldwide as the standard for reliability. Linux/Apache has been shown to be hundreds of times more reliable than rickety Microsoft servers. Some services require a Cold Fusion Administrator service to run their programs. Again, Linux is much more reliable than the less common Cold Fusion Administrator. Of course, Brightwing is fully compatible with all web browsers and with your standard HTML code.

We Help Web Designers

Creating or even installing a high quality geographic searcher is a big project. That is why savvy designers like you come to us for help. With Brightwing Store Locator, you can quickly, easily, and inexpensively offer your customer a sophisticated location searcher for the site you are designing, with no commitment to writing programs or maintaining a massive database. You can provide a high end service to your client at a cost far lower than custom programming, and you have a competitive advantage when you are trying to land that big design job.

Secure Online Credit Card Ordering

Fast, safe and reliable online credit card ordering is standard with us. All credit card data are transmitted using the secure (encrypted) HTTP protocol according to the current SSL standard. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard, American Express and Diner's Club. You can also order by check, money order, or telephone.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner's Club

A Note About Privacy
We will not sell your name or any data in your locations list (we despise spammers too!), nor will we use it ourselves for anything except operating the Brightwing Store Locator. Your data is kept in a password protected directory, away from the reach of everyone except you and our System Administrator, as necessary for maintenance.